About us

Flavours of Guyana is a catering company inspired by authentic Guyanese cuisine and the journey of the Davis family's passion for food.

Ingram Davis, the owner’s passion is to serve delicious and flavorful food. His love for food started as a young child and was influenced by his mother's traditional cooking style, she laid the fundamentals of Ingram's cooking talent.

Ingram immigrated to Canada where he further explored his passion for food by obtaining a diploma in Advanced Cooking at Liaison College.

Flavours of Guyana was started to share wonderful creations that have influenced Ingram's cooking journey. Ingram's cooking creation continues to develop as he shared his passion for food with his children. Ingram explores and develops the creativity of new flavours such as jerk seasoning with a twist. Ingram has created his very own jerk seasoning with his Guyanese flavours. This is one of his best sellers.